Draelyv Northeel

Wishes to rule his city of origin with iron fist of death.


5’11’ Half Elf man. Has long blonde hair rolling down the back of his head. Golden Eyes. Wears black poncho-like cloak over his attire. Uses strange staff looks as if it’s made of stone. Typically does not smile. Followed everywhere by seemingly glowing Raven.


Years ago, in an unnamed city in Eldermeet, there once lived a Half Elf man named Draelyv Northeel. Draelyv lived a happy life with his parents, although in poverty they cherished their lives and were thankful for what little the gods have given them. However, one day Draelyv’s parents were brutally murdered by the scum that commonly infests their unnamed city. Driven by sadness and rage, Draelyv’s mind became twisted and from then on sought only to conquer the cess pool of a city where his loving parents were killed. So he set out to find powerful magics, of which he had some experience with thanks to his Sun Elf mother. Upon leaving, he pledged his allegiance to The Scarlet Empress, a deity of magic vengeance in an attempt to gain power. Draelyv hopes to one day return to the city with powerful magics only known of in ancient times to conquer the city and to rule it with a fair, but iron fist.

Draelyv Northeel

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